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Born and raised in Miami, FL now residing in Winter Park, FL. I’m beginning my third year working with Rollins College in Winter Park. I am currently their play-by-play man for volleyball and softball. I also do color commentary for women’s basketball on WPRK 91.5 FM.
My first story takes place earlier this year. I’m in Tampa, FL ready to broadcast softball against the University of Tampa. It’s about 30 minutes before first pitch in their press box. I have all of my notes and laptop ready for the broadcast. Their PBP man arrives inside said press box. Their guy has NO NOTES WHATSOEVER. It was night and day the preparation (or lack thereof) between myself and their announcer. We exchance pleasantries when he uttered something that I had to literally think about for a mintue. He turns to me and asks “Do you mind if I copy off your notes for my broadcast?” EXCUSE ME!!! It’s bad enough that you’re not prepared for a broadcast. Now, he wants to use my notes. I said all of that in my mind.
I eventually said “No problem” and I put some of my notes in a place where he could see them. Well, he used the notes alright. He repeated EVERYTHING I SAID after I said it on his broadcast. Five seconds after I said a fact, he would repeat everything word-by-word on his feed. I felt like I had a black and red parrot on my left shoulder repeating everything I said. Thankfully, the game was over quickly and didn’t have to deal with it for the rest of the weekend.

Welcome to this blog and thank you for reading. My name is Michael Hirn and I have been lucky enough to broadcast football and basketball for a handful of years now. Currently I broadcast football for the 2 time national champion Lima Warriors Semi Professional Football team(,’s coverage of high school sports, Play by play of dvd’s for War Wrestling, and most recently Basketball and Football on television as the Sports Director of RTV32 in the Springfield, Ohio area.

The idea I have for this blog is to be able to tell some stories about games and interesting things that have happened to me in my broadcasting of football, basketball and more. I am also hoping to be able to interview some top broadcasters and be able to tell you some of their favorite stories about games they’ve done as well.
Please check back often as there will be some interesting stories posted here that you will enjoy I can assure you of that.

If you have a great story to tell please hit me up on twitter @michaelhirnpbp and let me know your story and I’ll post it here.