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Thanks for joining us for another interview with a great broadcaster and friend of mine based out of Chicago, Illinois by the name of Brian Snow. Brian is the creator of and does a wonderful job of bringing you coverage of tomorrow’s athletes today. Check him out on twitter @BigSnowman40.

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How long have you been in broadcasting? 17 years

When did you know that it was what you wanted to do? Since I was about 10 or 11

How much time do you spend preparing for a broadcast? About four hours per game day

What sports do you currently broadcast? Baseball, basketball, football, volleyball

Who are/were the people you look/looked up to in broadcasting? Jim Durham, Vin Scully, Jack Buck, Wayne Larrivee, John Rooney

Is there anyone you emulate, and if so in what way? Depends on the sport.  When it comes to basketball, it’s Jim Durham.  His description of the scene and knowledge of the game and players involved are impeccable and the excitement he emits was amazing.  For baseball, it’s a combination of Jack Buck, Vin Scully, and John Rooney.  Same reasons as Jim Durham, but because it’s baseball, in their own way they can all tell a story effectively and keep the fans engaged.  Wayne Larrivee and Kevin Harlan do the job for me for football.  Painting the picture, keeping the fans involved and getting the fans up to date in case they missed the beginning of the broadcast is wonderful.

What is your favorite on air story you can share with us?  Last year with Marist High School boys basketball.  They gave me two miracle finishes and both of them went viral.  Since then I have been dubbed with the phrase “It ain’t midnight yet y’all!”  The phrase just came out because the setting was perfect.  Bogan was one of the big dogs in the tournament and the #4 team in the Chicago area and Marist was the giant slayer.  I just kept thinking of the Cinderella references that Brent Musberger used when calling Boise State’s upset of #3 Virginia Tech in college football in 2010 when he said “Cinderella lives ladies and gentlemen!”  The rest is history

If there is anything else or any stories you really want to share please feel free to do so.  DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!!  Yeah I would like to be making more money doing this, but the kids and the clients that broadcast with me and my organization make it go for me.  I have learned so much about how to run an effective business doing my sportscasting and also how to keep my broadcasts old school effective.  The haters are going to hate, the detractors are going to do what they do and all the people that are on the outside looking in are going to give you their opinion.  If it is what your heart wants then tell the other folks that you are sorry and that you have to follow your heart.  Follow your heart and pursue your dreams with a dogged passion that NO ONE ELSE CAN duplicate!  It’s your dream…you must protect it…cultivate it….make it grow into a reality.